Mind Training Course 100 squares

Mind Training Course 100 squares

Mind Training Course

The name is already enough to explaing the power

of this draughts software !!

The best brazilian draughts course in the world !!

Mind Training Course was an idea of the Brazilian International Master Lélio Marcos.

Play Matic o mais lindo tabuleiro de jogo de damas de todo o mundo

Watch the video and see Mind Training Course.

Mind Training Course - The best brazilian draughts course in the world !!

Mind Training Course has 4 languages:

1 - English
2 - Spanish
3 - Portuguese
4 - Russian
Mind Training Course

Mind Training Course

Entrenamiento de la mente

Entrenamiento de la mente

Mind Training Course

Treinamento de Cálculo

Mind Training Course has around 3.000 combinations divided in:

- 3 basic levels

- 2 intermediate levels
- 2 advanced levels
Levels MTC
Entrenamiento de la mente
Treinamento de Cálculo Níveis

Mind Training Course runs in any laptop or computer with any windowns.

(It doesnt run in Mac).

Mind Training Course is a soft, you will download, install and activate on your computer or notebook with Windows platform.
It was developed by Lelio Sarcedo, International Master and 5 times Brazilian champion, based on studies of the Grand Masters and Coaches of Russia and Ukraine.
You will receive via email a link to download it and simultaneously receive the activation key.
After you download it and install it you will place the activation key and then it will run normally.
You only need to be connected to the Internet to download it and activate it.
To use it you do not need to be connected to the internet.
Mind Training Course consists of three basic levels, 2 intermediate levels, 2 advanced levels in 64 suqares Brazilian and an advanced level of 100 squares, with a total of more than 5000 positions.
Mind Training course was organized to guide and show the training procedure that must be done to learn how to make calculations the level of a great player.
Mind Training Course organizes the way to learn brazilian draughts.
Each Activation Key has no lifetime and entitles you to 3 installations on laptops or PC.
If you format your machine, simply save the Mind Training Course folder using Regedit.exe on a pen drive and reactivate it after the formatation.
Even reformatting your machine your key will still work if you follow this procedure.

You can get this fantastic course for only

US$ 27,00

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